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Beware of the squash

July 18, 2014 - Chuck Hunt
Do you remember the movie “Little Shop of Horrors?" In it a hapless florist shop worker named Seymour is raising a plant from outer space that keeps growing and growing, bigger and bigger. It also can talk and constantly says, “Feed me, Seymour.” I think I have two of those plants on my hands. I have one of those 10 by 20 foot plots at the Blue Earth Community Garden. It is doing quite well, thank you for asking. Almost too well. I planted two squash plants in the garden, as well as some other things such as beans, peas and tomatoes. Well, these two squash plants have become monsters. Perhaps monsters from outer space. They just keep growing and growing and growing. They have covered the rows of beans and peas, overshadowed the pepper plants and are threatening to grow through and over the tomato plants. I have never seen anything like it. And you know how sometimes plants grow large but seem to have put all their energy into creating the plant and not the fruit or vegetable? Well these did not. There are dozens and dozens of flowers and small squash growing on these two plants. My neighbor gardeners at the community garden and I are trying to keep my two squash plants out of their space. But the plants have a mind of their own and keep going back over the line. Soon, if they escape the confines of the garden area, they could conceivably threaten the statue of the Green Giant in Giant Park, next door to the community garden. I can see these two squash plants winding their way up the statue, one on each of his legs. Soon, the two could completely engulf the giant and he could be hidden underneath all their foliage. That would totally wreck the tourist trade here in Blue Earth. Or worse. In the movie, the giant plant from outer space eats human flesh. So far, I have been pretty wary about how close I get to these two monster plants in my garden. You just can never be too careful.


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