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County Commissioners debate buffer law

June 25, 2017
Robert Brewer - Register Staff Writer ( , Faribault County Register

Faribault County public works director and engineer Mark Daly was in attendance at the Faribault County Board meeting on June 20. Daly presented the board with a resolution to enter into the Joint Powers Agreement with the city of Wells for County State Aide Highway 32 (Third Avenue) reconstruction in 2017. The resolution was authorized by the board.

The total cost to Faribault County for this project will be $307,556.38. State aid will be used to finance the project. The starting date for the reconstruction is tentatively scheduled for this coming August or September.

Daly also updated the board that both the North Main Street project and the micro surfacing construction south of Frost and in the city of Kiester has been completed. Additionally, Daly made mention of the pond in the Wells campground area of Pihl's Park needs to be refilled. This issue will be addressed at a later date.

With regards to the statewide buffer law regulations which will go into effect on Nov. 1, a motion was passed by the board to enter into an agreement for alternative drainage system practices. While the motion passed with a unanimous vote, commissioner Bill Groskreutz voiced his displeasure about the impending regulations.

"I've been opposed to the buffer law since the beginning because I think it's unfair," Groskreutz argued. "It's set up for one farmer against another. One that's public water, one that's county ditch, and one that's private, and you've got a different set of rules for each one. I think it's stupid."

Other action items from the meeting included a motion to send a letter to the city of Wells to reconsider the decision to not allow a cartway to Faribault County resident Mike Weber's proposed development within Wells. This motion passed 3-2 as both commissioners Tom Loveall and Tom Warmka were opposed.

"This is a local issue that should be dealt with on a local level," Loveall contended. "I don't see the purpose in getting involved with this situation."

In the public hearing portion of the meeting, David Frandle updated the board on his application for a livestock feedlot permit. The proposed feedlot will be located in Emerald Township. The total animal unit capacity of the proposed new facility will be 960 animal units. No official action was taken by the board.

The board also reviewed a request by treatment court coordinator Sherri Smith for a gift contribution to the Faribault-Martin-Jackson Adult Substance Abuse and Family Dependency Treatment courts. Faribault County has historically given $5,000 each year to this organization. While the board expressed interest in donating funds, no motion was made to do so.

In addition, the board authorized the sale of tax forfeited parcels to the city of Minnesota Lake. Faribault County auditor Chelsey Marius' request to attend a two-day legal description training in St. Paul was also approved by the board. A motion carried to request the release of insurance data before Aug. 1 by the South Central Cooperative.

Because of the July 4 holiday, the next county board meeting will be held on Wednesday, July 5, at 9 a.m.



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