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Website lets us be a daily paper

By Staff | Feb 19, 2012

On the front page of this week’s Register is a story about the search for a new Blue Earth Area School superintendent.

The headline says there are six candidates selected to be interviewed. But, a sub-head says three candidates will be interviewed on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday of this week.

Confusing? Are there six or are there three candidates? Well, both headlines are correct.

The consultants hired by the BEA School Board did narrow the 25 applicant field down to six to be interviewed.

At the time this week’s Faribault County Register was going to press, early Friday morning, there were six candidates.

But, by the time you read this week’s Register (which might be Saturday, Sunday or Monday) there are only three candidates.

The School Board and a citizens committee spent all day Friday interviewing the six candidates. Friday night the board met and made a determination of which three of those six they wish to interview for a second time this week.

We can’t tell you in this week’s paper who those three are, but we can tell you with our online version, at www.faribaultcountyregister.com.

And we will. If you go to the website right now, you will see which of the six made it to the final cut.

When you go to the website to check out the three superintendent finalists, check out the website itself.

It is new.

A brand new Register website was ‘launched’ on Thursday. We are pretty excited about it.

While it still features many of the stories that are in each week’s printed newspaper, there are some new features that we plan on taking advantage of.

For instance; video.

We have been experimenting with shooting video when we are at an event, and have been posting them to the Register’s Facebook page. We have heard a lot of nice comments about those.

But, in the past, we did not have a way to post the video to the website. Now we do.

Our plan is to shoot some video at local events and post them to the site. These will be in addition to our stories and still photos we already have had.

For instance, on Facebook we have had footage of a fire scene, music concerts and sporting events.

Check it out.

Another new addition to the site is more news. The Register’s website will now have daily updates of Minnesota and national news stories, just like you can read in a daily newspaper.

Plus stories about Minnesota sports.

Want to read about the Timberwolves game last night? Vikings stadium deals? How the presidential candidates are doing? It will now be on our website.

While our print version of the Register will stay focused on local news of Faribault County, our website will become a daily news source. We think that is pretty exciting.

Other items on the website are evolving as well. There are now easier ways for you to comment on stories and issues and we will be adding more commentary and blogs. We will also be adding a community calendar soon, with information of events from around the county.

Yes, there will also be more ads on the site, both local and national. Those of course, help fund all the new stuff and the site itself. And, they are an excellent way for local advertisers to let more folks see their ad message. After all, the Register’s website receives over 30,000 ‘hits’ each month. That is a lot of visitors coming to see what is new.

With the changes and additions to the site, we expect that number to grow even larger.

So, once again we urge you to check us out. Then, we suggest you bookmark us.

Even better, make us your home page, so the Register website is what comes up first when you open up your browser. If you don’t know what all that verbiage of bookmarks, home page and browser means, ask a kid to help you.

One of the frustrating things about publishing a weekly newspaper is that it comes out, well, weekly.

With the new website and our Facebook and Twitter pages, we can do things that get information to our readers faster than and more often than just once a week.

Thanks for reading us, whether it is in print, on the web with your computer, or on your mobile device.