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Blue Earth construction update – Click here for details

By Staff | Sep 3, 2013

Construction update from the city of Blue Earth for this week:

On Tuesday (Sept. 3rd) crews will be installing storm sewer structures and piping on Highland Drive around the first curve, which is in front of house #’s 1016, 1018 and 1020. This work involves digging all the way across the road several times and will therefore require that the road be closed at this location for the day. Access will remain open until 8 am to allow folks to get out in the morning. If things go smoothly, access may be restored by 5 pm but no later than 7 pm, so please plan accordingly.

We understand that this work is disruptive and access conditions have become very messy and dusty. The contractor has been watering the roadway periodically to reduce the dust. If weather cooperates and everything goes smoothly, we expect that the piping and street grading will be done in 3-4 weeks at which time a clean gravel surface will be restored. Concrete curb, driveways and street paving will immediately follow the gravel and should be complete by mid-late October.

For 11th and 12th Street, we expect a similar schedule running about 1 week ahead of the Highland Drive schedule. Street grading work will start next week on 11th Street and then progress to 12th Street later in the week.

We understand it has probably been a long, dusty summer for folks and we appreciate everyone’s patience! Please contact Dana Draper or Wes Brown with any questions or concerns.

Wesley W. Brown, P.E.

Principal Engineer

Bolton & Menk, Inc.

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