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COVID-19 Update as of 1-5-21

By Staff | Jan 5, 2021

Faribault County deaths due to coronavirus stays at 11, as it had reported its 11th death due to COVID-19 on Wednesday, Dec. 30, as a person in their 60s, and the 10th death was a person in their 90s the day before. The county has now shot over the 900 mark for confirmed cases of COVID-19 since the pandemic started in March, and is fast approaching 1,000.

As of Monday, Jan. 4, the number of cases in the county stood at 954, with 873 cases beyond the infectious period of the coronavirus. There were 18 new case reported on Monday. There were eight the day before, Sunday, Jan. 3, and eight on Saturday, Jan. 2.

The new cases make a total of 60 active cases in Faribault County, with two of those being hospitalized. Seventy-three persons total have been hospitalized in the county since the start of the pandemic.

Martin County has seen a slowing of cases recently. The total as of Wednesday, Dec. 30 is 1,564 confirmed cases since the pandemic started. There are 43 active cases and one of those is hospitalized. There have been 100 people hospitalized since the start of the pandemic, and there have been 25 deaths in Martin County due to COVID-19.

The estimated case rate per 10,000 for the past 14 days in Faribault County is 56.85 and in Martin County 28.05.

In other neighboring counties, Blue Earth County has had 5,153 cases with 30 deaths, Freeborn County is at 2,094 cases and 18 deaths.

Statewide in Minnesota there have been 425,261 cases, with 406,667 cases involving persons who no longer need to be in isolation, as of Tuesday, Jan. 5.

There have been 22,337 persons who have needed hospitalization, with 4,708 of those having been in ICU. There have been 5,461 deaths in the state from COVID-19, with 3,513 of those in assisted-living or long-term care facilities.