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Doctor moving to B.E.

By Staff | Mar 31, 2008

Iowa doctor Kevin Kimm will be moving to Blue Earth by June 1.

A doctor who is a life-long resident of Iowa will soon be moving to Minnesota to begin medical practice in Blue Earth at United Hospital District.

Dr. Kevin Kimm currently has his own clinic in Charles City, Iowa, but will close that office and begin work at both UHD and at United Hospital District Clinics of Faribault County.

“We are shooting for a June 1st start,” Dr. Kimm said recently. It depends on how long it will take to close his clinic and also get his Minnesota medical license. “It is a lot of paper work,” he adds.

Dr. Kimm grew up in the small town of Marengo, Iowa, population 2,500. He graduated from Coe College in Cedar Rapids, Iowa and went to medical school at the University of Iowa.

“I first got my degree in physical therapy and respiratory therapy,” Dr. Kimm said. He worked in those two professions for six years before deciding to go back to medical school to become a doctor.

He did his internship/residency in Charles City (population 6,000) and now has been there for 15 years.

“Five years ago I started my own practice and it has done well, it has been successful,” Kimm said.

His reason for leaving is that it has been too successful. “I think I have had two days off since November,” he said. His wife, Sandie, is the registered nurse and office manager at the clinic, and she too has been at work everyday.

“It has been overwhelming for both of us, and we feel we have no personal life anymore,” Kimm said. He added that it has been very difficult to find another doctor or assistant to come to the clinic to help him out.

Dr. Kimm thinks the move to Blue Earth will be a perfect fit for him, both as a doctor and personally.

“I have met the staff and Dr. Cahill and Jeff Lang (UHD Administrator) and they all have the same philosophy that I do — that patients come first,” Dr. Kimm said. “I love treating patients and it is what I have always wanted to do, it’s was my motivation to become a doctor.”

Kimm is a board certified family practitioner, in general medicine.

The Kimms have four grown children, who are out on their own now. As far as hobbies, Kimm loves to fish. “We have a place on Lake Elysian so Blue Earth is a good fit because it will be much, much closer.”

He also is into exercise and likes running and weightlifting. “Snowmobiling in the winter is another thing we like to do, and that will be a good fit in the area as well,” he said. He also does a lot of reading.

“I think we will adjust to Blue Earth easily,” Kimm said. “I have always lived in small towns about the size of Blue Earth and we prefer the small town life.” UHD Administrator Lang agrees with Dr. Kimm. “We think Dr. Kimm is going to fit in here very well, and we are excited to have him begin practice at UHD.”

Lang said there will be a welcome open house for Dr. and Mrs. Kimm sometime in the future.