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Return from war

By Staff | Apr 14, 2008

Specialist Andrew Murphy waves from the cab of a Blue Earth fire truck as he heads for the parade in his honor on Friday, April 4.

The citizens of Blue Earth showed their appreciation to another returning veteran soldier last week.

There was a parade down Main Street on Friday at noon for Army Reserve Specialist Andrew Murphy. He rode on a Blue Earth fire truck from the Shell gas station on Highway 169, down Fairgrounds Road, and south on Main Street.

There were a lot of well-wishers waving flags, plus BEA middle and elementary students walked to main and waved flags and signs welcoming “Andy” back home. The Patriot Guard motorcyclists also escorted the parade.

Murphy, 21, has spent the last year in Ghazi, Afghanistan. He worked as a security guard for other operations.

He is a BEA High School graduate, and had moved to Phoenix, Arizona where he was attending school to become a motorcycle mechanic. He also was a member of the 1st Battalion, 158 Alpha Company reserves out of Tucson.

He joined the reserves as a way to get funds to attend college and also to see the world. “It was very interesting to learn about another country that is so different than ours,” he said

When he got orders to go to Afghanistan, the school let him quickly finish up his current classes.

Murphy said that he will spend about three months in the Blue Earth area before returning to Arizona. There he will probably return to school. “I think I will just hang out and ride my motorcycle.”

He is the son of Patrick Murphy of Blue Earth and Ruth Scholtz of Elmore.

“I think it is very nice that they are doing this parade,” he said before getting on the fire truck. “It’s great that the city shows their support for the troops.”