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Willner elected!

By Staff | Jun 2, 2008

Matt Willner

Everyone knows all schools have a student council. Most people, however, don’t realize these student councils are grouped together into 10 districts in the state.

Blue Earth Area junior Mat Willner was recently elected president of the South Central Student Council District.

Willner was chosen last month and will serve starting now through the next school year.

“It is a pretty big deal, and I am real excited about it,” Willner said.

To be elected president, the junior had to garner support from student council members throughout all participating schools in the district. That included Mankato East, Waseca, St. James and others.

“I had to campaign, just like in politics,” he said. “I had to show that I was well qualified.”

Willner has been on the student council at BEA since about sixth grade, and has served in many elected offices.

All student council members are members of the district student council, and can vote and run for one of five district offices. Besides president, there is a vice-president, secretary, treasurer and parliamentarian.

The district student council has two conferences each year, in the spring and the fall in Mankato. Willner will preside at those. Plus he will have many other planning and organizing meetings to attend.

“We will be busy all summer with planning for the year,” he said. It’s a big responsibility, Willner said, with more than 200 students to organize.

One other duty Willner will have is to attend the state convention, as this district’s representative.

“Student councils are much more than just doing homecoming and prom,” Willner said. “At the district level we are doing major fundraising projects for disadvantaged students, holding large student conferences, and proposing statewide education changes.”

One other thing they do is discuss future laws concerning schools and then propose them at the state level.

“This is a major item on the state level,” Willner said. “And I will be a part of that.”

Willner is the son of Paul and Jackie Willner of Blue Earth. He is active in many activities at BEA, including peer helper, choir and small groups, baseball, wrestling and football. And, of course, student council.