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The last day of (a) school

By Staff | Jun 9, 2008

The USC Middle School in Kiester, right, will close it’s doors for the summer, and not reopen for students next fall. There was a special final day celebration last week.

The final day of school at the USC Middle School in Kiester was last week Tuesday. Not only was it the last day of school for this year, it was also the last day of school ever in the building.

This year there were 200 fifth- through eighth-graders in the building. Next year they will all be at the United South Central school in Wells. The Kiester building will not be used.

Middle School Principal Tracy Frank decided that there should be some special event to celebrate the end of the school.

She planned a lot of events for the final two days of school. There were special treats and games. She also had two truck loads of sand delivered to the gym and they had a beach party all day.

Then on Tuesday, the last day of school, all the students and staff (and a lot of townspeople) went to the ball field for a special surprise treat.

At 2:15 a plane flew over and two skydivers jumped out, deployed their chutes and floated to the field to the delight of the kids.

Then the plane buzzed the field and dropped USC can coozies on the students.

“I wanted something special for the kids to remember from their last day of school in Kiester,” Frank said.

The skydivers came out of Baldwin, Wis. The two said they love to jump in front of kids because they get a great reaction.

Because of the low clouds on Tuesday, the skydivers didn’t know until they got here whether they would jump or not.

“We were quite a bit lower at the start then I usually like,” one of them said. They were not visible in the clouds when they jumped, and suddenly appeared with chutes opening.

“It was fun for the kids,” Frank said. “I think the adults liked it too.”

A part of the Kiester building has been serving the community as a school since 1924. It has been a long and controversial process of closing the school and moving the students to Wells.