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15 apply for Blue Earth administrator position

By Staff | Jul 6, 2008

The list of applicants for the position of city administrator in Blue Earth stands at 15 as of last week.

Mayor Rob Hammond made the announcement at a special city council meeting on Monday, June 30. He also detailed his plan for the interview process that will take place on Fri. and Sat., July 18 and 19.

Hammond said interim city administrator Bill Bassett is looking through all of the applications and will narrow the list down to six.

“Bill said he has had some contact with seven or eight of them already, as far as where they have worked,” Hammond said. On July 18 all six finalists and their spouses will be invited to Blue Earth for a reception that evening from 6:30 to 8:30 p.m..

“We will ask members of the chamber, EDA board, council, and city staff,” the mayor said. He added that the hospital administrator, school superintendent, and major business owners in town would also be invited.

The next day, all six will be interviewed in a round-robin style by city council members. Each candidate will be interviewed by two city council members at a time.

Councilman Dan Brod asked what things would be asked, and Hammond responded that he would have Bassett prepare a list of questions to ask, and also a list of ones that cannot be asked.

“I think it is important that we all ask the same things,” Councilman Rick Scholtes said.

After the interviews, Hammond suggested that the council narrow its choice down.

A decision could be made at the following Monday’s council meeting, he said.

“We would offer the position contingent on a contract being signed,” the mayor added. City Attorney David Frundt said that previous city administrator Ben Martig had already asked him to work on a new contract, and it would be ready at the next meeting.

Hammond reported about two thirds of the applicants had previous city clerk or city administrator experience.

“Bill was confident that we will have seven or eight good choices,” he said.