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Cue takes over as high school principal

By Staff | Oct 20, 2008

Two administrative employees topped the Blue Earth Area School Board meeting agenda on Monday night.

Superintendent Dale Brandsoy told boardmembers that Al Cue has taken over duties as high school principal.

“The transition has gone very smooth since Jack (Eustice) has been gone,” says Brandsoy.

Cue took over the duties on Oct. 6 when Eustice took an unplanned leave of absence, says Brandsoy.

“It’s unknown how long Al will fill in,” says Brandsoy.

Blue Earth elementary school principal Kevin Grant says Cue is working full-time as principal.

“A long-term substitute has been hired to fill in for as long as necessary,” says Grant, adding that Cue taught sixth-grade science.

In another matter, boardmembers were given an evaluation form to rate Brandsoy’s job performance. They are due on Oct. 24 and will be discussed at the board’s November meeting.

Last year, five goals were set for Brandsoy to accomplish.

The seven boardmembers each rate Brandsoy in 10 categories using a 1 to 5 scale. The results are averaged for an overall score.

Areas of evaluation included leadership, communication, supervision, strategic planning, finance and budgeting skills. The standard form is provided by the Minnesota School Boards Association.

Brandsoy is in the second year of a three-year contract and is currently earning $99,724. In the final year he’ll be paid $102,716.

In other business, the board:

• Voted unanimously not to hold a Truth-in-Taxation meeting because the district’s property tax levy increase is not more than 6.2 percent over last year. The levy for next year went up only two-tenths of 1 percent.

• OK’d a policy requiring background checks on any person working with students, whether paid or not, in all extracurricular activities.

• Was given a tentative agenda for the Chicago choir trip. Choral director Mike Ellingsen says the choir, orchestra and band each take a trip on a three-year rotation. He says the choir has gone to Chicago since 1991. They are scheduled to be gone April 2-6.

• Heard a report from elementary principal Kevin Grant regarding an educational consultant. He says Quentin Pettigrew is helping officials find ways to improve to meet Adequate Yearly Progress under the No Child Left Behind Law.