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Faribault County votes Republican

By Staff | Nov 10, 2008

Voters in Faribault County went against the state trend and voted for mainly Republican candidates.

The one exception was for Congressman Tim Walz, (DFL). County voters gave Walz 4,977 votes, compared to 2,681 for his GOP challenger, Brian Davis. Walz was easily re-elected in the district.

County voters gave incumbent State Representative Tony Cornish (GOP) 2,372 votes. His opponent, Dale Branstad (DFL), was close behind with 2,010 votes. Cornish was narrowly re-elected district wide.

Voters in Faribault County gave incumbent State Representative Bob Gunther (GOP) 2,312 votes. His opponent, Dale Hansen, pulled 1,375 in the county. Gunther was re-elected district wide.

County voters gave U.S. Senator Norm Coleman 3,599 votes. DFL challenger Al Franken got 2,909 in Faribault County. The race was tied statewide and there will be a recount. Independence Party candidate Dean Barkley got 1,509 votes here, while local candidate Chuck Aldrich pulled in 53 votes in Faribault County in the U.S. Senate race.

County voters chose John McCain and Sarah Palin (GOP) as their choice for president and vice president, giving them 4,197 votes. DFL candidates Barack Obama and Joe Biden received 3,736 votes. Obama and Biden won in Minnesota and in the U.S.

There were 8,201 voters in Faribault County, a turnout of 87.37 percent.