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BEA board evaluates Brandsoy

By Staff | Jan 26, 2009

There’s always room for improvement.

Blue Earth Area School District Superintendent Dale Brandsoy received high marks in his yearly evaluation.

In 10 categories, Brandsoy was judged by all seven boardmembers on a scale of one to five.

A score of one is awarded for ‘unacceptable’ performance, while five is ‘outstanding.’

When the results of the full board was averaged, Brandsoy earned a rating of 4.17.

“It indicates a very good performance for the year,” says Mary Eckhardt, board vice-chair, who summarized the evaluation at Monday’s meeting.

Brandsoy is in the final year of a three-year contract in which he is being paid $102,716.

The superintendent’s highest mark was a 4.36; interpreting employee proposals to the board and recommending adjustments of employee policies and salary structures.

Brandsoy scored 4.33 in two areas; defining educational needs of the district and overseeing all financial operations.

“His lowest score was on communication,” Eckhardt says.

In that category, Brandsoy received 3.81. As a liaison between the district and community, his duties include responding to concerns of parents, students, citizens and staff in an effort to increase understanding of policies and practices.

For 2009, improving communication topped the board’s list of goals.

Board chairman Frankie Bly recommended that a communications committee be created to work on community relations.

Eckhardt, Dawn Fellows and new boardmember Shane Becker volunteered to serve, while Bly will work with the group during an upcoming work session.

Other areas in which Brandsoy was evaluated included leadership, supervision and strategic planning.

In other personnel news, Eckhardt was awarded the Presidential Award during the Minnesota School Board Association’s annual conference.

The award is given to school board members who have spent at least 300 hours attending school-related events.

Eckhardt has served on the board for 11 years and also is the district’s legislative liaison that works on educational platforms to be presented to the Legislature.