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Administrator evaluation

By Staff | Feb 21, 2009

The results are in and Blue Earth’s city administrator has received a high job-performance rating.

Although Kathy Bailey has been on the job for only half a year, the evaluation was required under the terms of her contract.

“We are happy with her progress after six months and the direction the city is going,” says Mayor Rob Hammond.

Before the City Council went into a closed-session, Bailey was asked if she wanted her review open or held behind closed doors.

For nearly 30 minutes, councilmembers discussed how they rated Bailey in 10 areas.

Each councilmember scored the city administrator on skills that included organization, technical and administrative abilities, communication and the ability to work with others.

Bailey says many good things have been accomplished in the short time she’s been city administrator, however, there are still many things she needs to learn about the city.

“A personal goal of mine will be to try and simplify complex material so everybody — the council and public — can understand it,” she says.

Bailey encourages anyone with questions regarding an issue to contact City Hall.

“They’re always welcome. The rumor mill on the street is not a good source for information,” Bailey says.

Another performance evaluation will be conducted in six months.

In other business:

• the council approved a new assessment policy that spreads the cost of street, sewer and water main projects to all residents of the city.

Under the new policy, residents will see a 3 percent hike in water rates to pay for new watermains and a monthly flat rate storm sewer charge to fund sewer mains.

Bailey says a household using 4,000 gallons of water for their sewer bill will see its monthly flat rate connection fee go from $13.85 to $14.27. The cost per thousand gallons will go from $4.14 to $4.24.

A homeowner’s utility bill, excluding water and electrical, will increase from $32.70 to $36.50 a month.

Bailey says the recycling fee is expected to drop to $1.77 from the current $2.37.

• A public hearing has been set for 5 p.m. on March 2 at City Hall for a street improvement project covering a five-block area. The repairs would include Moore and Eighth Streets; Moore to Gorman Street and Moore from Eighth Street to Tenth Street.