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Firemen burn house for training

By Staff | May 23, 2009

Practice. Practice. Practice. If you do it enough, it’s suppose to help perfect a particular skill.

Members of the Blue Earth Fire Department hope they never have to rely on all the training they’ve received.

But, if there ever comes a time they have to — they’ll be prepared.

“For some of these guys this is their first experience with a fire,” says Fire Chief Terry Campbell.

He was referring to a house fire early Sunday morning on North Grant Street.

Actually, the local department was conducting a live-burn of a ‘condemned’ house.

Some 25 firefighters and five instructors from Riverland Community College in Austin took part in the training lasting about six hours.

“They had two new guys. So they got to see how a fire grows, progresses and what needs to be done to put it out,” says Brian Staska.

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