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Jones pleads guilty to two charges

By Staff | May 23, 2009

There will be no trial or prison time for a Blue Earth man charged with child pornography and having sex with a juvenile.

On Monday, Bryan Wayne Jones, 39, pleaded guilty to third-degree criminal sexual conduct involving a 16-year-old girl and possessing pornographic work.

A two-day trial had been scheduled for June 4 and 5 in Faribault County District Court.

In pleading guilty to the third-degree charge, state guidelines call for a stayed sentence of 48 months.

That means Jones would not go to prison, based on his criminal history and severity of the crime.

Defense attorney Bill Grogin says County Attorney Brian Roverud will not ask for more time behind bars.

He already has spent 80 days in the county jail.

“That leaves it open to the victim’s family if they request additional jail time,” Grogin says.

Before Judge Douglas Richards accepted the guilty pleas, Jones took the stand and told the court what had happened.

Jones told Roverud he met the 16-year-old through his daughter about a year ago.

He says on two occasions he took both of them on camping trips.

Roverud says a friendship developed and asked Jones if he thought of it as a father-daughter relationship, as he had said in interviews with authorities.

“I said maybe she thought I was a father-figure. I never said that,” Jones told the county attorney.

Richards asked Roverud to show how the girl may have seen Jones as a father-figure — putting him in a position of authority.

While interviewed by police, Roverud read a statement in which Jones said the girl felt comfortable talking to him about sexual things she could not discuss with her parents.

When the officer asked Jones if the girl felt he was a friend or maybe more — he said she viewed him as a father-figure.

The county attorney says Jones also was in position of authority the day he drove the girl from Winnebago to school in Blue Earth and they stopped to have sex.

After the incident, Jones says the teen girl sent explicit photos of herself to his cell phone.

Jones admitted the photos were obscene material and he kept them for his pleasure.

“But, I didn’t take them,” he says.

Jones was released from jail on Monday under certain conditions.

Richards ordered him not to have contact with any female under age 18 other than immediate family; not to consume alcohol or mood-altering substances not prescribed by a licensed physician; be subjected to random drug-testing; and report any changes in address.

A pre-sentence investigation will have to be conducted before Jones is sentenced, which will be within 30 days its completion.

In March, Jones was charged after a school social worker reported a 15-year-old girl was receiving inappropriate text messages from him and a 16-year-old had received flowers from him three times at school.

Explicit photos of the 16-year-old allegedly were found on Jones’ phone, and the girl reportedly had sex with him.