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Weerts resigns

By Staff | May 23, 2009

The Winnebago City Council will hold a special meeting Tuesday to deal with some unexpected business: filling a vacancy.

Councilman Bob Weerts recently submitted a letter of resignation effective May 14.

In a press release, City Administrator Jennifer Feely says the council will have to accept the resignation, declare a vacancy and determine a timeline to fill the position.

When contacted by the Register, Weerts would not comment on his reason for stepping down.

“I just wanted to. I don’t have any other comment for the media,” Weerts says.

Dana Gates, who is the senior member on the council, called the resignation ‘unfortunate’ for the city.

“He brought a leadership to the council that was needed. It was a different type of leadership. He was good,” says Gates.

The council needed to hold a special meeting, adds Gates, to immediately start the process for filling the seat.

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