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Charter school deadlines changed

By Staff | Jun 14, 2009

Steve Schonrock

Legislative action may have altered the timetable, but a group’s goal to convert the Winnebago Elementary School into a charter school is progressing.

Steve Schonrock, spokesman for the committee, says changes to laws governing the state’s charter schools is good news.

He says it gives them more time to work on an application they will submit to the Minnesota De-partment of Edu-cation.

“We needed more time. Now we don’t have to rush to meet a deadline,” he says. “It gives us more time to do the application right.”

With changes in the law, there is no longer a July 7 application deadline.

Instead, Schonrock says throughout the year there will be certain times — ‘windows’ — when applications may be turned in.

On Tuesday, Schonrock and committee member Scott Robertson were in St. Paul meeting with state education officials to discuss budgeting and financing issues.

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