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Meeting held on sex offender

By Staff | Jun 29, 2009

Faribault County authorities and a state official reassured members of the public they’re keeping close tabs on a Level 3 sex offender who recently moved to the county.

About 30 people attending a community notification meeting Wednesday in Blue Earth heard about Ronald John Madsen’s criminal history and were given tips on what they can do to protect their children.

Michele Murphy, notification coordinator with the Depart-ment of Corrections, says since 1997 the public has been able to get information on ‘highest risk’ offenders moving to their communities.

“It’s the law that gives you the right to know and talk about this,” she says.

Because Madsen is designated as a Level 3 offender, he is considered to most likely re-offend.

Chief Deputy Scott Adams says the 49-year-old Madsen is homeless and living in the Woods Lake Park area in rural Elmore.

When asked about his exact whereabouts or any other specific information county authorities could provide, Adams says state law prohibits them from doing so.

“We know his cell phone number and the type of vehicle he drives. It’s extremely tough for us to tell you that we know that and can’t tell you that information,” says Adams.Madsen isn’t the only sex offender living in the area.

Murphy says there are 43 registered predatory sex offenders living in Faribault County, nine in Elmore.

In comparison, there are 64 sex offenders in Martin County, 115 in Blue Earth County, 69 in Freeborn County and 42 in Waseca County.

“Every community has them. This isn’t something that is just happening in your area,” Murphy says.

“Be vigilant of your surroundings and people your child is spending time with,” she adds.

In 2005, Madsen was convicted in Martin County of using a minor in a sexual performance. He engaged in sexual contact with teen males he knew, providing them with marijuana and alcohol. He was sent to prison for 15 months after his probationary sentence was revoked.

In 2006, he was convicted of possession of child pornography. Again, Madsen’s probation was revoked and he served 13 months.

Murphy says Madsen has completed his sentence and has no conditions to follow, other than having to register as a Level 3 sex offender for life.

One resident asked if there was any way to restrict Madsen from coming near children.

“Contact law enforcement if you have any concerns about his behavior,” says Murphy. “I can assure you law enforcement knows what he is up to.”

Another resident said allowing him to live at Woods Lake Park was, “like having a fox in a chicken coop.”

Adams says information has been posted around the park and the caretaker and nearby residents also have been notified.

“We can’t control where he wants to stay,” adds Adams.

County Attorney Brian Roverud says because Madsen is homeless he has different reporting requirements.

He is required to report once a week to the sheriff’s office and give a 24-hour notice before he moves, instead of the normal five days.

“If he doesn’t contact us there will be a warrant for his arrest. We can guarantee that,” Adams says.

Residents will be able to see if Madsen is still living in rural Elmore by logging onto www.doc.state.mn.us.

Murphy says if his name does not appear in that zip code he has either moved or is incarcerated.

Sheriff Mike Gormley says his department will patrol the area and the public must make them aware of any suspicious activity.

“Don’t be afraid to call us anytime. We’ll be out there as soon as we can,” Gormley says.

Murphy urged those at the meeting to share any information with others and their neighbors.