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Rosen says she will run again

By Staff | Aug 24, 2009

A second local legislator has put to rest any rumors they will not run for re-election next year. At least, for now.

In a recent newspaper ad, District 24B Rep. Tony Cornish, (R-Good Thunder), reassured constituents he wants to serve another two-year term.

Now, District 24 Sen. Julie Rosen, (R-Fairmont), has told the Register she plans to seek another term in 2010. Because of redistricting and the census it will be for two years.

Rosen says she doesn’t know how the rumor got started. She says at various events some people have asked about her political future.

“You can never say 100 percent. But, my plans right now are to run again,” Rosen says.

The second-term legislator has been mentioned as a gubernatorial candidate, among a list of Republican hopefuls that tops 20 and includes the likes of former U.S. Sens. Norm Coleman and Rod Grams.

In some circles, Rosen’s name also has been tossed out as a possible challenger to incumbent 1st District U.S. Rep. Tim Walz.

Rosen seems amused at the thought of running for a higher office and admits several people have approached her.

“I’m just happy where I’m at. I have no intentions of going anywhere. There’s a lot that needs to be done and I have a lot of work still left in me,” she says.

While in the state senate, Rosen has championed legislation addressing chemical dependency issues — particularly the meth epidemic. She also has played a key role in reform of the state’s health care system and is the leading Repub-lican on the Energy Com-mittee.

Senior home funding, declining school enrollment health care accessibility and “green job” creation are just a few issues at the top of Rosen’s “to-do list.”

Rosen says the time will come when she won’t run for re-election because she doesn’t want to be, “a lifer.”