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Taking a peek inside the new Faribault County LEC

By Staff | Oct 5, 2009

Faribault County Sheriff Mike Gormley was more than pleased with the turnout of the public attending the open house at the new Law Enforcement Center.

He estimates there were between 1,400 and 1,500 people who came and toured the new jail.

“It was a very good turnout,” Gormley says. “Good to see so many people seeing for themselves what the new LEC looks like.”

Gormley says he heard many positive comments. Most were impressed with the size of the building and the fact that it was not over-built.

“They also were surprised at just what the cells look like,” he adds. “Most expressed some surprise that it was not as ‘cushy’ as they had been led to believe.”

Visitors at the open house last Friday and Saturday went on a ‘self tour’ of the new facility, guided by a series of arrow signs to lead them around the building.

However, jail personnel were also stationed in each area to explain the jail’s functions to the public.

Also, large photos of the same area in the current, old jail were on display in the same area of the new jail.

“That was the architect’s idea,” Gormley says. “It gave the visitors a good idea of what our old facility looked like, and how small and cramped it was.”

Gormley says both the State Fire Marshall and state health inspector were on the premises this past week conducting their official inspections.

On Oct. 13, the State Department of Corrections is expected to conduct their inspection.

“We plan on moving our administrative offices to the new LEC during the week of Oct. 12,” Gormley says. “We will move the dispatch and 911 service to the new building on Oct. 21.”

Prisoners will be moved into the new jail either that same day or within the next couple of days.

Gormley says his staff has been busy visiting several area counties to offer housing their inmates, now that an actual date of occupancy has been decided.

“I’m glad a lot of people took advantage of the open house to tour the new facility,” Gormley says. “We are pretty proud of it and hope they are too.”