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Romance in the air

By Staff | Oct 12, 2009

Some people will go to any heights to declare their love.

Luke Steier is one of these people.

He wanted to do something a little unique when he proposed marriage to Carly Nowak on Sept. 30.

By combining agriculture with his love for flying, Steier came up with the perfect solution…he chiseled the message “WILL U MARRY ME?” in a five-acre area of his bean field.

The idea for this romantic proposal came from a college friend of his who did something similar when proposing to his fiance, explains Steier.

“The timing had to be just right,” says Steier. “I knew Carly would be arriving at about 6:30 p.m., so at about three o’clock I went into the field and plowed out the message.” The words took him between one to two hours to create in the field. Even though the letters are large, the message cannot be seen from the road or by standing in the field. They can be read only from the air.

“Right before dusk, I convinced Carly to go up with me for a short flight,” says Steier. “It wasn’t the typical type of day I would have taken her flying because it was a pretty windy day.”

Steier says he thinks Carly sensed something was up, but nevertheless was pretty excited when she saw his proposal message.

Since he didn’t immediately remove the message from the field, it’s obvious her reply to his marriage proposal was “yes.”

The couple have known each other for years and graduated together in 2000 from Blue Earth Area High School. Steier works at Blue Earth Aviation doing aerial application as well as serving as a flight instructor. He also farms. His fiance, Carly Nowak, an Elmore native, is a graduate of the University of Minnesota.

Wedding plans are ‘up in the air’ at this time, but Steier says they are looking possibly at a Spring 2010 wedding date.