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Cities call in help to investigate allegations

By Staff | Nov 14, 2009

The city of Wells may spend several thousands of dollars to investigate allegations made against two of its employees.

In a special meeting on Nov. 6 that lasted about 30 minutes, council members voted to hire Setter & Associates of Brooklyn Park.

“If there are infractions out there we need to address them and get it done. We need to move on and deal with the rest of city business,” says Councilman Mike Weber.

City Attorney David Frundt was given the go-ahead to contact the firm so the investigation could begin as soon as possible.

“The meeting was to discuss one complaint against one employee. It’s private information until the investigation is completed,” says Frundt.

Weber says the nature of the allegations were not discussed during the closed-session of the meeting.

Councilman Ron Gaines says the employee was in attendance and requested the council close the meeting to the public.

Gaines says there also is another signed complaint against another city employee.

The council last month received five bids to do an internal investigation and Setter’s cost was estimated at $4,000 to $8,000.

Gaines says no timetable was given on when the council could expect a final report, but he’s under the impression it shouldn’t take too long.

“He (Setter) thought it could take four working days. Hopefully it will be done in a week,” adds Gaines.

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