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2009 Top Ten News Stories of the Year

By Staff | Jan 3, 2010

The new Faribault County Law Enforcement Center opened in September, later than first expected.

After two years of construction, and several controversial issues, the new Faribault County Law Enforcement Center finally opened its doors for a public open house in September.

Originally slated to open in April, the project was delayed several times and was next set for a June completion date.

Several more delays involving various contractors set the date back to August, then September.

The delays were not the only issue. The controversy over the water softener, begun in 2008, continued throughout the first half of 2009, before finally being settled with a $22,000 unit installed.

Other issues involved the $40,000 ‘bare-bones’ kitchen, an undersized refrigerator, and finally, a question as to who was going to be hired to clean and maintain the new facility.

The jail has attracted debate and criticism since its inception. Questions arose early as to its location, size and cost.

In the end, the $12.1 million building seemed to get good reviews by the 1,500 people who took advantage of the two-day open house to tour the new jail.

In October, the prisoners were all moved in, and the LEC began full operation.

To read about the other top ten stories, see this week’s Register.

The top ten stories are:

No. 1 – New county LEC opens

No. 2 – Go Minnesota takes over economic development

No. 3 – Winnebago council investigations, resignations

No. 4 – UHD construction projects underway

No. 5 – Local budgets get cut — and cut again

No. 6 – Blue Earth airport runway extension sparks controversy

No. 7 – Blue Earth Area levy referendum passes easily

No. 8 – Two convenience stores open

No. 9 – United South Central school district gets good news

No. 10 – County debates memorials

The top ten sports stories of 2009 are listed below. They are not listed in any order, other than in chronological order through the year.

Buc wrestlers are SCC champs and two place at State; Jake Lee — 2nd and Mat Willner — 3rd

Buc gymnasts are SCC champs and two head to state; Blaire Zierke and Julia Meyer

Buc girls basketball team is sub-section and section champs and make first-ever state tourney appearance

Buc girls track team are state true team champs

Buc girls golf team are SCC champs and two Buc golfers, Jon Trasamer and Jessica Skaare, win trips to state

Four Buc track team members head to state meet and Nate Carr wins bronze medal

Blue Earth Pirates go to state baseball tournament

Blue Earth Area volleyball team is South Central Conference champs

Emily Slama is section tennis singles champ and goes to the state tournament

Marrisia Hagedorn is the lone Buccaneer to enter the state track meet