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Still drilling and filling

By Staff | Jan 11, 2010

Dr. Jerry Thoreson

Long after many folks have retired and are spending their time golfing, two Blue Earth men are still actively pursuing their chosen careers and are not sure if – or when – they will hang it up and retire.

Dr. Jerry Thoreson and Dr. John Sawyer are both dentists, and are actively filling cavities and making crowns and bridges at their two separate practices.

Sawyer, 71, and Thoreson, 84, say they like staying busy and enjoy their chosen field.

That, added to the fact that there isn’t any younger dentist on the horizon to take over either of their practices, keeps the two busy at work.

However, despite the fact that neither one has retired, that doesn’t mean they don’t get in their fair share of golfing. Both are well-known to be avid pursuers of the sport.

Dr. Thoreson says he gave some thought to retirement about 22 years ago.

“I brought in another dentist, Dr. Neal Anderson, in 1987,” Thoreson recalls. “He was here two years, and the plan was he would take over the practice and I would phase out of it.”

The plan didn’t work, as Anderson went back into the military to pursue becoming an oral surgeon.

“After that, I just kept on working,” Thoreson explains. “It is amazing how the years have gone by.”

About three years ago he had a slight stroke, and lost some use in one hand. However, he made a quick and total recovery and so he has just kept on serving his clients dental needs. Although, he says, his work schedule is about half what it used to be.

“I have two main hobbies, golf and gardening, and I am able to do both as much as I want, and still maintain my office, so why quit?” he asks.

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