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W’bago looking over nearly 20 applications

By Staff | Apr 5, 2010

Randy Nowak

Now that the deadline to apply for Winnebago city administrator has passed, the executive hiring committee will begin its work.

Mayor Randy Nowak and Councilman Dana Gates will have to sift through quite a few applications.

In all, nearly 20 people want to be considered for the position.

“Any amount of interest is good. This is great. I think it shows a tough job market and there are a lot of people looking for work,” says Nowak.

Last month, the City Council voted to hire a new administrator after toying with the idea of eliminating the position to save money.

Jennifer Feely resigned effective March 17 to accept a similar position in Caledonia.

The mayor says all applications have been sent to City Hall and he hasn’t reviewed any of them.

The next step will be for Nowak and Gates to narrow the list of candidates down to the top five.

Once that is completed, the full City Council can start conducting interviews.

Nowak says the council will have to decide what format they will use when questioning the candidates.

Both Nowak and Gateshope someone will be hired by the regular May council meeting.

“We might have to have a special meeting before that. That will be up to the council,” says Nowak.

Filling the city administrator’s post will still leave a vacancy at City Hall.

A part-time administrative/accounting assistant must still be hired.

Six people have applied for the job.

Nowak says he doesn’t think the council will be involved in the hiring process.

“We’ll probably let the new administrator go over the applications and do the interviews. They’re the one who will have to work with them,” he says.