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Elmore will have a new mayor

By Staff | Apr 17, 2010

Bill Hurd

The city of Elmore will have a new mayor.

Two-term incumbent Floyd Ford has decided four years is enough and will not seek re-election.

Ford’s decision not to run is due, in part, to the number of hours he and his wife Evelyn spend running their business, Elmore Grocery.

“I just don’t feel I can devote the time to being mayor,” he says. “I feel guilty not putting in enough time.”

Meanwhile, Bill Hurd says he plans to file for the mayoral position.

Hurd and his wife, Nancy, moved to Elmore last November from Virginia, but they aren’t complete strangers to the area.

The Hurds have owned a home in the city since 1994, coming back in the summer for vacation and for holidays.

Nancy grew up in Elmore and graduated from high school there.

Hurd says he’s talked with several people in town and they have encouraged him to run.

“Some good things are happening in Elmore. I want to do what I can to continue that and revitalize Main Street,” he says.

Hurd, a graduate of Georgetown University with a bachelor’s degree in political science, will be doing his part to spur business development and fill empty downtown stores.

He has purchased a building and plans to provide a variety of tax services. In addition, Hurd donated $12,500 to purchase a building for the new library.

Councilmen Keven Sullivan and Jim Volz also are up for re-election. Both seats are four-year terms.

Elections also will be held in the county’s three largest cities.

In Blue Earth, four council seats will be on the ballot in November:

Les Wiborg in Ward 2; Dan Brod and Rick Scholtes in Ward 3; and Dick Maher, Ward 1.

All seats are for four years, except Scholtes’ which is for two years.

Winnebago Mayor Randy Nowak will have to decide whether to seek another two-year term.

Seats held by Dana Gates and Holly Stauffer also are up for election.

Gates’ position is for four years and Stauffer, two years.

In Wells, Mayor Shannon Savick, and councilmen Mike Weber and Ron Gaines must decide if they want to seek re-election.

The mayor’s post is for two years and the council seats are each four-year terms.

The filing fee for city council seats is $2.

Because no primaries will be held in any of the cities, filing will open on Aug. 3 and close on Aug. 17.