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No one shines like we shine

By Staff | Apr 17, 2010

Alex Hernandez stands by his van which houses everything he needs for his business, ‘Wash Me! Mobile Solutions.’

If your vehicle is dingy or dull, ‘Wash Me! Mobile Solutions’ can do everything needed to bring back that shine and new car feeling.

“No one shines like we do,” says Alex Hernandez proudly of the business he began on June 1, 2006.

He can clean about anything, giving it that ‘spit-shined look.’ The ultimate in power washing and detailing, his business not only specializes in cleaning cars, trucks, and farm equipment, but also does power washing for lot maintenance, siding, driveways, sidewalks and spot-free window cleaning.

“I was in management for about 17 years prior to starting this business,” says Hernandez. “I worked in Chicago and northern Illinois before coming to southern Minnesota in 1999.”

While working in Mankato, a friend of his got him interested in the power washing and detailing business.

“The main idea was to cater to dealerships,” he recalls. After communicating and selling the idea to Hernandez, his friend dropped the ball and nothing was done for about two years.

When the idea was reintroduced, the duo decided to form a partnership. Hernandez quit his job in Mankato and was ready to begin the new venture with his partner. Unfortunately, the partnership soon fell apart, leaving Hernandez at loose ends.

“My partner had all of the equipment,” says Hernandez. But he quickly assembled the needed supplies and equipment, honoring the commitments he had scheduled with his partner, and began his own business.

He says the name for the business was born on a weekend. His partner’s vision was limited to just dealerships, but Hernandez says he was scoping-out more diversified services.

In order to build his business he says he first went around saying, “you know, I’ve got a brush and a bucket and I’d like to wash your car.”

He did this at Sandy’s Salon and at Steve and Jenny Gesche’s business. It was at this particular time, he feels, the business was truly born.

“I felt there was a niche in the market for me after this,” explains Hernandez who says the favorite part of the business is getting to meet new people.

“Customer satisfaction keeps me motivated to keep going,” he says with a grin.

‘Wash Me! Mobile Solutions’ is exactly as the name implies. It is a mobile service. Hernandez’s white van can be seen at two sites in Blue Earth during the week. He sets-up at the Ag. Center parking lot as well as on the east side of Juba’s Hamilton Hall to wash vehicles and to do detailing.

“Detailing makes a vehicle look spit and polished as if it just came off the showroom floor,” says Hernandez.

He can actually go on location to do detailing work. Detailing basically means cleaning tires, wheels and dressing them up, debugging and washing and waxing the exterior.

He also polishes semi rims and wheels when detailing. About the only thing he doesn’t do is paint.

For a full detail, this includes cleaning the exterior and interior of a vehicle. A thorough vacuuming is done on the interior, including cleaning all crevices. In addition, the floor mats and flooring are cleaned and extraction can also be done on these, if necessary, giving it the appearance of a ‘like new’ interior.

“We want to dress it up and make it look shiny and nice,” Hernandez says of his detailing service.

Having worked in management for so many years, Hernandez says he does not miss working indoors.

“We do all our work outdoors, because we can see better,” he explains.

No job is seemingly too large or too small for the business Hernandez owns.

“Probably the most challenging job I ever did was power-washing the Verizon Center in Mankato,” he says. “I had to borrow equipment to go up 90 feet to the tower of the Civic Center. After I did this job, everything else has seemed like a piece of cake. It also opened up another chapter in the business. I then power-washed Mankato’s City Hall and their former police station.”

Currently, ‘Wash Me! Mobile Solutions’ has a work travel area of about 100 miles. Hernandez and his one full-time employee, Ben Warmka, have done jobs as far north as Owatonna, west to Fairmont and from Mankato to the Iowa border.