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BE’s Bailey gets mixed reviews

By Staff | Apr 24, 2010

After several weeks of closed door sessions, the Blue Earth City Council finally completed their evaluation and review of City Administrator Kathy Bailey.

And, as was expected, it was a split verdict at last Monday’s meeting.

Mayor Rob Hammond reported the results of the evaluation following the closed session.

“The evaluations were extremely divided,” Hammond reported.

The mayor says six of the seven council members filled out the evaluation forms previous to the formal meeting. One member did not fill out the form, but instead gave a verbal report.

Hammond says the city administrator is evaluated in 11 categories.

“The average on all of the points ranged from five and a half to six, on a 10-point scale,” Hammond reports.

Four council members rated Bailey fairly high, listing her at a seven or above in most of the categories, Hammond says. Two of the council members rated her very low, at two or less in the 11 areas.

“The other councilman gave a verbal report of his feelings, and they were not positive,” Hammond says. “His thoughts were also related to Kathy (Bailey) during her review.”

The council met for 25 minutes behind closed doors at the end of their regular meeting last Monday night.

Bailey was not present during that part of the closed session, but was called in later and met with the council for just under 10 minutes.

Bailey’s contract is not part of the evaluation process, Hammond says. Her contract runs through Aug. 11, 2011, he adds.

The council has had a series of closed meetings to discuss Bailey’s evaluation. The first meeting lasted just minutes. The second was over an hour, without Bailey present.

That meeting resulted in two separate groups of councilmen doing separate reviews. Those two meetings were also closed.