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Wells may release results

By Staff | Jun 7, 2010

Mark Anfinson

Wells residents may not get their money’s worth, but they may get a little information on two investigations that cost the city thousands of dollars.

Mark Anfinson, an attorney for the Minnesota Newspaper Association, says he has talked with Wells City Attorney David Frundt and Jeff Zalasky, an attorney appointed by the League of Minnesota Cities.

Anfinson says both attorneys told him that no one has formally asked for any information regarding the investigations be released.

On behalf of the Faribault County Register, Anfinson made a verbal request on Tuesday.

“On behalf of my client I formally request the names of any Wells employees being investigated and the status of any investigations,” Anfinson told Zalasky.

Anfinson is still waiting for Zalasky’s response, but he says the attorney acknowledged portions of the investigations are public information.

Wells officials paid Setter & Associates $24,861 and The Data Recovery Guy $1,552 for costs incurred during the five-month investigations.

City Administrator Jeremy Germann, in the past, has said that League of Minnesota Cities (LMC) officials have instructed him and Frundt not to release any information to the council or public because of data privacy issues.

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