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Elmore mayor resigns

By Staff | Jun 21, 2010

Floyd Ford

Although Elmore’s mayor isn’t seeking re-election in November, he’s decided not to wait until the general election to make his exit.

Floyd Ford submitted a verbal resignation at Monday night’s City Council meeting, which was effective Wednesday morning.

“I hate quitting. I’m not a quitter. I just feel like I’m not doing what the people elected me to do,” he says. “I’ve tried to do my best and it’s been a tremendous honor to serve as mayor. Stepping aside is the right thing to do.”

Ford is completing his second two-year term.

The two-term mayor says he’s resigning because his business — Elmore Grocery — is demanding more time from him and his wife.

Ford says the city has important water projects coming up that he can’t give the attention required.

“It’s time to turn over the office to someone younger, more knowledgeable and who has the time,” he says.City Clerk Dianne Nowak says the council was caught off guard with Ford’s decision.

She says she’ll ask for a written resignation and that Councilman Keven Sullivan will serve as mayor.

Sullivan is up for election this year and must decide if he will seek re-election to another four-year term.

The council at the beginning of the year voted to have Sullivan serve as acting mayor if Ford was unable to fulfill his duties at any time.

“I’m sure we’ll appoint someone if we have to, at one of our next council meetings,” says Nowak.

For now, Ford doesn’t have any plans of moving from Elmore.

His main focus will be to make sure residents have a grocery store.

“It’s a landmark in our town. I would be slighting the residents terribly if I didn’t try to keep the store open,” he says.

At least one person has expressed interest in the mayoral race.

Bill Hurd has indicated he plans to file for the position, which is for two years.

Also up for re-election is Councilman Jim Volz. His seat is for four years.

Filing for the council seats is from Aug. 3 through Aug. 17 and there is a $2 fee.