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Council won’t fill seat

By Staff | Jul 24, 2010

Glen Gaylord

Blue Earth City Councilman Glenn Gaylord decided to give one last try at having the empty seat on the council filled. But, he failed in the attempt.

Last month Gaylord had the item added to the agenda. However, he was unable to be at that council meeting and the matter was postponed to last Monday night.

Gaylord gave an impassioned speech imploring his fellow councilmen to do the right thing and fill the seat, left empty when Councilman Dick Maher died suddenly.

“When Rick Scholtes had to resign his seat almost at the same time that Dick (Maher) died, we filled that open seat right away,” Gaylord says. “I think we need to do the same thing in this case.”

Gaylord pointed to the fact that Councilman John Huisman had, earlier in the meeting, implored the council to be consistent when it came to enforcing the nuisance ordinance.

“I think we need to be consistent when it comes to filling council seats, too,” Gaylord says.

He made a motion to fill Maher’s open seat, and to do it the very same way the Scholtes seat was filled.

“We should advertise for people to apply if interested, interview them at the next meeting, and choose one at the end of the interviews, just like we did with Paula (Kelly, who filled Scholtes position),” Gaylord said in making his motion.

The vote was tied, 3-3, and thus was defeated. Gaylord, Kelly and Mayor Rob Hammond voted yes. Councilmen John Huisman, Les Wiborg and Dan Brod voted no.

Because of the vote, it is assumed the seat will be filled by election in November, with the person elected taking their place on the council in January.

City Attorney David Frundt told the council that it would be possible for the council to appoint the person elected in November to the council immediately after the election, and not wait until January.