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Name change

By Staff | Jul 24, 2010

Doug Uhrhammer

What’s in a name?

Apparently, it’s everything.

The development organization Go Minnesota will now be known as Faribault County Development Corporation (FCDC).

“We had an identity crisis. People didn’t know what we did,” jokes Doug Uhrhammer, executive director of the development group.

Travis Keister, vice-chairman of FCDC, says board members voted unanimously on the name change at their July 15 meeting.

“People were confused about what our organization was about. We’re making an effort to educate the public on what our overall mission is,” he says.

A new brochure says the private, not-for-profit development group’s goal is to combine public and private sector resources to enhance economic development in the county.

The name change comes 21 months after Go Minnesota and a new logo were unveiled in place of the then Faribault County Regional Development Corporation.

At that time, the board believed the name identified the county with the state and a larger region that included southern Minnesota, northern Iowa and the Twin Cities.

Also, the executive director felt the name was wrongly associated with the city of Faribault.

Despite a new name, the maroon, grey and black circular logo with bar and line graphs indicating growth will remain the same.

On Wednesday, FCDC’s economic development coordinator Linsey Warmka was busy updating their website — www.fcdcorp.net A new sign was scheduled to be painted on the window outside their office at the Ag Center building.

And, Warmka says a membership drive is being planned soon.

A proposed membership dues structure, she adds, is expected to be voted on at the board’s Aug. 5 meeting.

There are four membership categories — big, small and medium businesses, and agri-business/personal — and the dues are based on the number of employees a business has.

Currently, the board of directors has seven members and there are two open seats.

Warmka says geographic location plays a part when appointments are made to the board.

“We want the whole county fairly represented because we’re a countywide organization,” she adds.

The development group is taking its case to the public, having a booth at the Faribault County Fair for the first time.

On Friday, 50 ag producers and landowners were invited to a meeting hosted by FCDC at the Ag Center.

“We want to explain what is happening in the farm sector and how that relates to the overall economy,” says Uhrhammer.