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No written resignation from administrator, yet

By Staff | Aug 16, 2010

Jeremy Germann

No news is good news.

In this case, Wells officials not receiving a letter of resignation from City Administra-tor Jeremy Germann apparently means he’s staying put.

However, he hasn’t officially told City Council members he isn’t leaving.

“I assume he is staying,” Mayor Shannon Savick says when asked if she has talked with Germann.

At Monday’s regular meeting, Savick seemed surprised of Germann’s absence.

Councilman Ron Gaines says he was aware Germann would not to be at the meeting.

Earlier that day, the city administrator attended a special meeting to discuss pending litigation against the city.Gaines says he’s talked with the city administrator on several occasions, but Germann has not told him he’s not resigning.

“As long there is nothing in writing, I’m happy. He’s still an official employee,” he says. “As far as I’m concerned, it’s over and forgotten.”

At the July 26 council meeting, Germann issued a verbal resignation after the council approved Savick’s suggestion to add “Unfinished Business” to future meeting agendas and the mayor then wanted to discuss some items.

At that time, the city administrator said he was resigning effective Sept. 1 and a written letter would be forthcoming.

Germann seems to have heeded to the council’s wishes, 10 items and the status of each were listed on the Aug. 9 agenda under “Unfinished Business.”

Germann did not return phone calls to the Register for comment.

Savick says she’s happy Germann has decided to remain in Wells.

“He’s a very valuable asset to the community,” she adds.