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BE still tweaking dumpster rules

By Staff | Sep 26, 2010

They have been at it for months – the Blue Earth City Council trying to fine-tune a new garbage dumpster ordinance.

At a work session last Monday night, they were at it again.

City Administrator Kathy Bailey told the two City Council members who were present, along with the mayor, that she has been hearing some concerns from citizens.

“I have gotten a number of calls and visits from people concerned about complying with the ordinance,” she says. “They feel the extra costs of dumping once a week could be excessive.”

She says some people say it appears the council is making it difficult to do business in the community.

Mayor Rob Hammond says it was the council’s intent that businesses could apply for a variance from weekly dumping.

Bailey pointed out that a variance only applied for zoning ordinances.

“A variance, or a waiver, or a permit, whatever you want to call it,” Hammond responded. “They should be able to get a permit from the city.”

City council person Paula Kelly agreed.

“Unless they are creating a noxious odor, a nuisance, or a health hazard, they should be able to get a special permit,” Kelly says. “Especially for businesses which are not dumping ‘raw’ garbage.”

Bailey’s next question was whether it would be a permanent or annual permit.

“I think it should be annual,” Kelly said. “Unless there is a nuisance problem, then the permit could be revoked.”

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