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Timmerman will see cut in pay rate

By Staff | Nov 15, 2010

Troy Timmerman

There are times when winning carries a price.

Troy Timmerman found that out a week following the Nov. 2 general election.

“You caught me off guard. I didn’t know that,” Timmerman told the Register on Monday.

“I knew I might be making less. I just didn’t know how much,” he adds.

Faribault County’s newly elected county attorney will be taking a pay cut when he takes office in January.

Currently, Timmerman earns an annual salary of $87,000 as managing attorney for the Faribault and Martin County Public Defender’s Office.

“You don’t get into public service because of salary. I don’t mind taking a cut in pay to serve the people of Faribault County,” says Timmerman. “I’m just eager to get started.”

Last January, county commissioners passed a resolution setting minimum pay levels for county attorney.

Central Services coordinator Brenda Ripley says the yearly salary schedule ranges from $68,764 to $95,638.

However, Ripley says elected officials start at the Step 4 pay level, which would be $77,916 in this case.

“The salary is negotiable and depends on the person’s qualifications, experience and other factors,” she says.

Members of the county’s personnel committee — commissioners Tom Loveall and Bill Groskreutz, and Ripley — discussed by phone on Monday how much money to pay Timmerman.

Loveall says Timmerman made a counteroffer after being offered a starting salary of $77,916.

He says the new county attorney will earn $82,617, if it is approved by the full board at Tuesday’s meeting.

“I think it’s reasonable. And, it’s going to work within the budget,” Loveall says. “Troy understands we were trying to be fair. I’m glad it has come to a conclusion.”

Groskreutz, who also serves as board chairman, says while the county may have to look at making budget cuts due to uncertainty in state aid, negotiating a salary with Timmerman was the right thing to do.

“I don’t see this as being out of line at all. All salaries are based on the number of years a person has worked for the county or in similar type of work,” he says.

Despite paying more than the Step 4 level, Loveall and Ripley point out the amount Timmerman will earn means a cost-savings to the county.

After 12 years of services, outgoing County Attorney Brian . was being paid $90,230.