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Board expels student

By Staff | Mar 29, 2011

Jerry Jensen

A suspended United South Central High School student will not get to finish out the school year.

In a special meeting Tuesday night, the six-member School Board unanimously passed a resolution expelling the male student immediately.

“Anytime the board finds it necessary to expel a student it’s unfortunate,” says Superintendent Jerry Jensen.

“The board is faced with balancing what’s in the best interest of an individual student and what’s best for the student body as a whole,” he adds.

Jensen says the district’s attorney advised him what information could be released publicly.

Also, he says the state’s Data Practices Act prohibits release of the student’s name or nature of the circumstance resulting in the expulsion.

The decision wasn’t a quick and easy one.

Board members met behind closed doors for nearly two hours with the district’s high school principal, school liaison police officer, witnesses, the student and his parents.

For more than one hour the board gathered information and facts, then recessed briefly before going into deliberations in closed-session for more than 45 minutes.

“There will be no discussion of the student,” board chair Kathy Krebsbach said when re-opening the meeting to the public.

Before a vote was taken, Krebsbach read out loud the entire resolution.

The superintendent or his designee must mail a copy of the resolution to the student and his parents and a letter stating that he has been expelled.

“The student has the right to re-enroll in the district after the last student attendance day of the 2010-11 school year,” says a portion of the resolution.

District officials, also, are required under state law to make an electronic report of the expulsion to the state Department of Education commissioner within 30 days.