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W’bago city jobs popular

By Staff | Apr 11, 2011

Austin Bleess

To say there’s interest in working for the city of Winnebago would be an understatement.

Job postings on the city’s, League of Minnesota Cities and peace officers websites have generated more than 100 applications.

City Administrator Austin Bleess says 33 people have applied for a public works department assistant position, 15 for library director and 72 eligible candidates inquired about working for the police department.

“I’m not surprised by the high quantity of applications we got,” he says.

While many of the applicants for the public works post are from the Midwest, there is one from Louisiana.

“We have very good candidates with licensure or experience of working in a city public works department,” Bleess says.

Currently, there are no vacancies on the police force, however, Chief Bob Toland anticipates that changing soon.

In February, Toland asked the City Council for permission to gather a pool of qualified candidates for two positions.

Toland has pared the list down to 20 and they are expected to be given written and physical agility tests either at the end of this month or the first week in May.

“I’m pretty sure we’re going to lose a full-time officer and he has openly told me he’s looking,” says Toland. “He wants to be close to his wife who has found a job in Grand Rapids.”

In addition to working on the city’s next budget and being available to those conducting an audit, Bleess has had to brush up on his interviewing skills.

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