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Man charged after dead animals found on BE farm

By Staff | May 2, 2011

Acting on a tip, Faribault County authorities discovered several dead animals on a rural Blue Earth farm and have charged a 58-year-old man.

Robert Mark Greeley faces three misdemeanor charges of improperly disposing of animal carcasses.

The maximum penalty for each count is 90 days and a $1,000 fine.

Animal control officer Todd Heenan went to the farm after receiving a phone call.

“It’s one of the worst cases I have seen involving dead animals,” says Heenan.

According to a court complaint, authorities went to the residence on March 25 to follow up on a report of several dead animals.

When Heenan arrived, says the complaint, he saw a large pile of animal carcasses located in the southwest portion of the farmyard.

There also was a dead cow in the pasture by the barn.

The complaint says there were animals that did not have food or water. Also, a pig was chewing on what appeared to be the leg of a horse.

Authorities obtained a search warrant and found two dead horses by the barn and two donkeys in a grove north of the house.

A dead steer, goat and rabbits in cages also were found, says the complaint.

Heenan says because it was difficult to prove the animals died due to cruelty, starvation or neglect, Greeley was charged under an animal health law.

“He has within 72 hours after an animal dies to dispose of it. We believe some we found had been there since November or December,” he says.