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County sticks with 1st meal bid

By Staff | Jun 12, 2011

The Faribault County Commissioners approved the third version of a contract Tuesday for the food service company A’viands to begin supplying meals at the Faribault County Law Enforcement Center.

The approval comes after a lengthy debate on whether to open the bidding back up to local five-year provider, Parker Oaks of Winnebago.

The current provider of meals to the LEC argued they did not have a sufficient amount of time to figure in costs of newly required kitchen equipment. A reopening of bids never occurred.

With the contract approved, A’viands will move forward with purchasing equipment to be used in preparing food for the LEC. The company plans on amortizing the purchases making Faribault County responsible for the remainder of the bill if A’viands does not fulfill its five year contract.

Overall cost of the equipment is unknown at the moment as A’viands was waiting to make sure the contract was approved by the board of commissioners before moving forward with purchases.

“We don’t know what the equipment costs will be,” Commissioner Tom Loveall says. “We all want to see invoices to know the cost to see what the county could be liable for.”

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