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W’bago takes action before state shutdown

By Staff | Jul 3, 2011

The Winnebago City Council held a special session Monday to close on loan and grant approvals with the Minnesota Public Facilities Authority (PFA) before the looming July 1 state shutdown date.

The approvals are for the Main Street sewer renovation and the wastewater treatment plant upgrade.

City Administrator Austin Bleess was assured that the PFA will be able to close on the loan if the paperwork is filed by June 30.

“With a low interest rate of 1.24 percent we wanted to close on the loan,” Bleess says. “That will save $779,093 over the life of the loan.”

Winnebago officials are not expecting any problems if a short state shutdown takes place. However, if a shutdown persists until August, Bleess says consequences could arise.

The sewer project would not be allowed to start with the requirement of a Minnesota Department of Transportation official being present to make on-site inspections. To see more of this article, see this week’s Register.