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BEA re-hiring Brandsoy as school’s superintendent

By Staff | Jul 10, 2011

With the announcement of the retirement of Superintendent Dale Brandsoy last month, the Blue Earth Area School Board is ready to offer a contract to a new superintendent at their meeting Monday night.

They didn’t have to look far to find a superintendent. His name is Dale Brandsoy.

While it sounds confusing, the truth is that Brandsoy retired effective June 30, and now is going to be hired back as of July 1 under a new and different contract.

“There really is going to be very little change,” Brandsoy says. “I still am going to be the full time BEA superintendent. I am not cutting back on my hours.”

Even though he has ‘officially’ retired.

“It is one of those win-win situations,” he explains. “I will be able to start receiving my retirement benefits, and the district will save by not having to pay into my retirement account,” he says.

Because the new contract also cuts the health insurance benefit from family to single, the district will see a total savings of $5,000 to $6,000 this year.

Brandsoy’s salary will remain the same amount as it has been for the last three years during the length of the one year contract.

This type of arrangement with a superintendent or principal is not unusual in Minnesota, Brandsoy says.

“I first saw it in Redwood Falls,” he says. “I read that their superintendent, principal and athletic director all retired at the same time. Then there was a story that they were all hired back.”

Since Brandsoy knew the Redwood Falls superintendent well, he asked what was going on there.

Since then, there have been many cases of retirements and new contracts.

“It is a benefit for the district, and a good deal for me also,”Brandsoy says.

He would not comment on what happens after this new one-year contract expires a year from now. Will there be another one year contract negotiated?

“I guess you will just have to wait to find out,” he says.

Because Brandsoy is over 62-years-old, he was able to work out a new contract before he officially issued his retirement notice.

“If I was under 62 and still qualified for retirement under the Rule of 90 (age plus years of employment) I would have to be retired for at least one day before negotiating a new contract,” the superintendent explains.

Brandsoy also says he is unable to comment on the fact that two BEA principals, Jack Eustice and Kevin Grant, are on Monday’s school board meeting agenda.

Both are notifying the board of their intent to retire. Eustice intends to retire effective Aug. 20, while Grant’s is effective July 19.

Both qualify for retirement under the Rule of 90 but are younger than 62. Both could negotiate a new contract after at least one day of retirement, according to information from the state teachers union.