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USC studies plans for new building

By Staff | Jul 24, 2011

Schematic designs and cost estimates for renovating United South Central’s High School or building a new one have been completed.

Now, USC officials plan to hold a public informational meeting for residents of the school district.

“We’ll present the options available to get some feedback on which direction the district should go,” says superintendent Jerry Jensen.

Three different building layouts were posted on a wall during Tuesday’s board meeting.

The night before representatives of SGN Architects Inc. of Minneapolis met with board members to discuss the options that include:

• remodeling the current high school and adding 40,000 square feet for nearly $16 million;

• building a new 151,000-square-foot one-level school for about $24 million;

• constructing a 164,000-square-foot school costing slightly more than $27 million.

The public meeting is scheduled to be held 7 p.m. on Aug. 11 in the high school auditorium.

“At that time we’ll want to have a closer estimate of the cost and what the tax impact will be,” says Jensen.

School board members will meet a week prior to determine what information will be presented at the public meeting.

Bus service will be provided to residents living in Bricelyn, Easton, Freeborn Kiester and Walters.

Presently. the three-story high school houses nearly 650 students in grades K-12.

District officials have known for some time the facility’s failing infrastructure, such as plumbing and electrical, must be addressed. In addition, technological capabilities also must be upgraded.

“We’re just moving on to the next item on our strategic plan,” says Board chair Kathy Krebsbach.

The district’s 2010 Strategic Plan lists improving classrooms and facilities as the No. 2 goal.

In other business, the board did not get a chance to vote on whether two fourth-grade teachers should be paid $400 for their time planning for the Camp Patterson field trip.

Krebsbach made a motion to pay the teachers, however, it died for lack of a second.

The board did decide the instructors may be reimbursed for any expenses they incurred if the provide receipts.