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W’bago looks for funds

By Staff | Jul 31, 2011

Austin Bleess

The city of Winnebago is preparing for cuts in Local Government Aid (LGA) by the possible introduction of franchise fees for gas and electricity providers.

Winnebago City Administrator Austin Bleess says the city has placed an added emphasis on finding ways to increase revenue and cut reliance on LGA.

Early projections indicate an additional revenue of $99,729 by instituting a 2-percent franchise fee on gas and electric services.

A 5-percent franchise fee is already in effect with Mediacom and Bevcomm services.

This doesn’t mean the added fee will be paid by the providers of these services. Members of the Winnebago City Council expressed the fear that the providers would pass on the cost of the franchise fee to the Winnebago citizens who use the service. Essentially it serves as another tax residents of Winnebago must pay.

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