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County raises some marriage license fees

By Staff | Aug 7, 2011

Sherry Asmus

The cost of getting married and officiating at a marriage will increase under three circumstances for residents in Faribault County.

The Board of Commissioners approved a proposal introduced by County Recorder Sherry Asmus last Tuesday, with the new fee rates increasing retroactively as of Aug. 1.

Asmus says the price increases will help align Faribault County’s rates with other counties in the state.

For those officiating at weddings, the cost of recording ministerial credentials will increase to the state average of $20. Currently, the county charges $5 for the service.

“Before we can record a marriage certificate we have to have ministerial credentials on file in the state of Minnesota,” Asmus says. “If a new minister comes into the county and has already filed with the state, he will not have to pay the fee.”

Asmus does say, however, that many will refile for the county’s convenience.

The charge for obtaining a five-day waiver for a marriage license will also increase in cost. The new fee of $25 will compensate for added time filling out paperwork.

For a marriage to take place in the state of Minnesota, a marriage license must be obtained at least five days before the ceremony takes place. If you are getting married in less than five days, you may apply for a five-day waiver.

Minors seeking consent from the court to marry, will also see a raise in rates. The new fee will be $25.

Employees in the recorder’s office must gather information and present material to the judge.

In the past, the services of obtaining consent from the court and requesting a five-day waiver were provided at no extra charge.

The state does not set prices for these services. Prices are solely determined by each county’s Board of Commissioners.

The state does set the rate for a regular marriage license, however, and those rates did not increase.

“A marriage license costs $115, all across the state,” Asmus says. “However, if you have a pre-marital education certificate, the cost of the license drops to $40.”