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Timmerman asking for more funds

By Staff | Aug 14, 2011


Faribault County’s auditor/treasurer has begun working on next year’s budget.

And, at least one department has put in a request for more money.

“It’s tough to do in times like this when you know the board will be asking other departments to cut corners,” says County Attorney Troy Timmerman.

John Thompson, the county’s auditor/treasurer, says Timmerman is requesting an additional $30,000 in his budget to hire part-time help.

Department heads are expected to start meeting soon with commissioners and Thompson to go over their proposed budgets.

“They’ll get a chance to plead their case. Others have asked for a small increase, but they know the situation,” says Thompson.

He is referring to the state’s financial woes which will more likely result in a reduction of aid to the county.

Since 1998, the county attorney’s office has been manned by one full-time attorney.

At that time, Brian Roverud reduced staff as a cost-savings measure. When he ran for re-election last November, he estimated savings to taxpayers of about $800,000 during a 12-year period.

Timmerman says a survey of the state’s 87 counties shows only five do not have an assistant. He says those counties have populations of less than 5,000.

“You can’t sacrifice or compromise effective prosecution just to save money,” he says.

Before being elected last November, Timmerman was the managing attorney for the Faribault and Martin County Public Defender’s Office. He was in charge of five attorneys. The county attorney points out the number of cases handled by his office has increased substantially in the past few years.

Also, there have been more case involving zoning issues, such as the wind farm proposed in Pilot Grove Township and a pipeline by a Fairmont ethanol plant.

Timmerman says having part-time help will mean cases will not have to be pushed back when he is not available.