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BE finds ways to trim current budget

By Staff | Aug 21, 2011

At their work session before last Monday’s regular meeting, the Blue Earth City Council had a first look at a proposed cut list for the current 2011 city budget.

City Administrator Kathy Bailey presented a list of possible cuts to most of the city’s departments.

Bottom line was a total of $239,620 in cuts and savings to the current city budget.

“If we adopt all of these items we would actually have $84,190 more than what we need to balance the budget,” Bailey says.

The major item on the list was not a cut at all, but a savings.

“The recent refunding of the bond debt really saved us in 2011,” Bailey tells the council. That total was $127,219 of the total of cuts and savings.

Since it was a work session and not a regular meeting, the council could not take action on the cut list. But, Bailey asked the council for their thoughts, especially concerning what was on the list that should not be cut.

“I think we need to put back in the $12,000 for the firemens’ relief association,” Councilman Glenn Gaylord says. “We have a hard time finding enough volunteers as it is.”

Bailey explained that the state gives $14,000 to the retirement fund, and the $12,000 is what the city opts to add to the amount.

Councilman John Gartzke wanted to make sure that a new snowblower would be purchased this year.

“We have put this off long enough,” Gartzke says. “We need to replace the old one before it quits right when it is needed.”

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