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W’bago turning old mobile home park into campground

By Staff | Sep 4, 2011

The city of Winnebago plans on turning a messy mobile home park into a sparkling campground.

“Currently, we do not have an option for guests to stay in Winnebago,” City Administrator Austin Bleess says.

The city official feels the newly proposed campground on Fifth Avenue between Third and Fourth Streets provides a perfect solution for the lodging dilemma.

“We see a lot of traffic from travelers on Highway 169,” Bleess says. “If someone is staying for Moto Fest or is passing through on a cross-country road trip, we can now provide a place to stay at a reasonable price.”

At last month’s meeting, council members agreed in closed session to buy the lot for $12,500.

The city hopes to host 15-20 camp sites on the 1.6-acre lot once the project is completed.

Bleess says guests will be charged a nominal fee on a nightly basis to stay at the facility. At the moment, two dilapidated trailers occupy the grounds with debris from buildings strewn over the lot. Insulation, a recliner and stray 2×4’s are just some of the items scattering the property.

Clean up is scheduled to begin in mid to late September once the city takes possession of the lot. Winnebago plans on hiring an outside company to dispose of the rundown trailers before winter temperatures invade the area.

Once spring camping season arrives, the city intends to welcome their first guests.

Electric, water and sewer hook ups are already in place, which Bleess says will allow for an easy transition from trailer park to campground.

Once campers filter in, the Public Works Department will be in charge of maintaining the property.

Winnebago bought the park by using left over funds from selling the city’s liquor store 10 years ago.

“It will be great to see the space utilized,” Bleess says. “No tax dollars were used to purchase the property.”