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EDA summit set for county groups

By Staff | Sep 25, 2011

City and county officials will hold a roundtable discussion Sept. 29 to decide how Faribault County should proceed with economic development.

The meeting will run from 5-7 p.m. at the Ag Center in Blue Earth.

Toni Smith, liaison for the Association of Minnesota Counties (AMC), will moderate the discussion.

“My goal for the meeting is to have the right people invited so we can be successful,” Smith says. “I want to hear from everybody, encourage participation and hear all the different perspectives.”

Smith noted that the two-hour time slot will be a short period of time for everyone’s opinion to be voiced. However, through identifying key issues, the group can come to a conclusion as to what’s best for Faribault County.

After the discussion has ended, Smith will not give her opinion whatsoever about what should be done with economic development.

“I will come in as a neutral facilitator,” Smith says. “The expertise and the answers should already be in the room. I am here to moderate from the outside.”

All of the county commissioners have been invited to participate in the summit, along with the Faribault County EDA, officials from the Faribault County Development Corporation and a maximum of three people representing each municipality in the county.

“The purpose is for the commissioners to be listening not necessarily driving the discussion,” Commissioner Bill Groskreutz, Jr. says. “The discussion should be driven by those receiving economic development services.”

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