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EDA to decide FCDC funding

By Staff | Nov 20, 2011

The Faribault County EDA will decide if county dollars will continue to help fund the Faribault County Development Corporation (FCDC) for another year.

At Tuesday’s meeting, the Faribault County Commissioners decided to defer the decision to the seven member EDA board.

“Linsey (Warmka, FCDC Executive Director) has done a better job than in the past working with the EDA,” Commissioner Bill Groskreutz Jr. says. “FCDC should be working with the EDA instead of the county board.”

Greg Young was the only commissioner opposing the motion.

In years past, the board has directly awarded a $50,000, one-year contract to FCDC. Tuesday’s motion added a stipulation to appropriate the alloted $50,000 in funding to the Faribault County EDA.

Since the EDA is an autonomous board, the funding awarded to them from the board of commissioners will be spent based upon the EDA’s discretion.

Tom Loveall says the county commissioners control the EDA by selecting the board and determining what funding they receive, not through influencing decisions.

Commissioners Groskreutz and John Roper are both part of the county EDA and say they plan on voting in favor of FCDC’s new contract.

“We have had a lot of success this past year,” says FCDC vice chairman Travis Keister. “Linsey (Warmka) has done an excellent job.”

FCDC’s current contract with the county ends Dec. 31. The Faribault County EDA’s next meeting is not scheduled until the middle of January. If desired, the EDA will hold a special meeting approving the contract renewal.

FCDC also contracts with the city of Blue Earth for a similar fee, but FCDC officials hope to eliminate public funding in the future.

Keister says private membership in FCDC has increased in the past year and it is “Our goal to not have to rely on government funding.”

“We haven’t landed the big one yet,” Keister says. “If it was easy, we would all be doing it.”